Making a Change

It’s the day after Labor Day. I challenged myself for the month of September to do the following:

Eat Clean

  • no soda
  • no fast food
  • no artificial sugar
  • no junk food
  • no refined grains
  • no processed meat

A challenge I saw on FaceBook by rebelDIETITIAN.US

I need to start what I started almost a year ago – walking daily, eating all good foods (hence the challenge) all to get back into shape and lose weight. I was going to start this blog site back then but I never wrote anything. It’s never to late to do what I said I will be doing – so let it begin (again).

I am going to come right out and say it – it’s hard to lose weight, eat right and walk daily. With all these places one can go to get get a quick bite to eat. No need to prepare food yourself. Simply drive up to window, pay, you get your ‘fast food’. Easy! That is were ‘Making a Change’ comes in – true that I do not eat this way ‘all that much anymore’ but its still super easy to be tempted to eat junk food or go get food from a fast food place. Also, when you try to do things yourself it’s so much harder to do it! I am asking for help from anyone and everyone!

Please help encourage me on when the going gets tough. I should be updating this blog Daily, or at lease every other day to check in. So stay tuned and see how my journey goes as I better my life, as I ChooseLife

  1. Hi Michael, I have been attempting to loose weight recently and find your experience so inspiring and successful. I will also use your challenge for the next five weeks and will continue reading about your experience. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Nancy,
      You are so very welcome! Please by all means let me know if there is anything I can assist you with! Email me or call me if you have any questions!

      You got this! Trust in you! Be with you! That is were it all starts along with sharing with others which you did taking this first step by making a comment!

      Be amazing by always doing you best and not putting yourself down if you happen to slip! If you do slip and realize you did that is a win! From that point on and right there, Being Again! My personal motto is, The Beginning Begins Now!

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