Now Cycling As One Of My Exercises

I decided a while ago it was time to get back on the bike to get the heart pumping, the legs moving as a means of working out the body a few times of week! I’ve been wanting to start riding a again since I started eating clean and losing weight. I believe riding a bike in my youth was one of the ways I kept myself in such great shape as I rode a bike everywhere.

One of my goals as I continue to become healthier is to start riding a bike to work once or twice a week (once I build up my endurance). A few months back started researching what would be the best bike for me. Then when I came to the decision of what kind of bike I wanted to get I went to a person I work with who knows a lot about bikes as he is a sponsored rider. I told me the brand I was thinking of getting and he told me that he went through quite a few frames as were always breaking, so I should avoid them (then again I do not plan on going on any crazy rides, jumps, etc). He then recommended another brand. After looking over all the specks and reviews he told me a place I could go get a bike so he called his friend up at a rocknroadcyclerysmallshop to see what they could do for me. His friend said that he would be able to give me the sponsors discount when I wanted to purchase a bike, just come in and talked to him.

The next day I went to go see him and after going over what I wanted and planned on doing he recommended another bike to me that has a great reputation. So after going on a test ride (the first time I road a bike in over 18+ years) I ended up purchasing the bike. I got a great price thanks to Rock N’ Road Cyclery in Mission Viejo, CA down in Orange County California.

I took the bike home and then needed to leave to go to work. That night I got home, changed into my workout clothes and took my bike out for a more prolong ride (longer then the test ride). I didn’t take it out for to long as the sun would be setting soon and I did not want to ride when it was dark as I did not have lights yet for the bike. So I road it down the block and back a few times. It wasn’t till the next week when I finally took it out for a good ride as I added needed to add lights and got a bike pump to be safe while riding. The first time I took it out for a ride I ended up going just over 6 miles. The thing I found most challenging was going uphill. Getting on a bike after a long time, hills are a killer. I made it up the hills using the easiest gear setting and going very slowly up – what a great workout! Heart was beating, I was sweating, I was really riding a bike again.

feltbikeimageframeandwaterWow! Riding a bike is definitely going to get me back into great shape! I am also learning how to ride a bike properly, meaning, what to eat before going out on a ride as riding burns up a lot of energy. Also the proper way of riding uphills, etc.

I’ve been riding now the last month and I can say it is definitely getting easier riding the bike especially uphill. I am riding in the early morning 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday before going to the Gym.

I am really liking the bike I got. I ended up getting a Felt Verza Speed 40.

Till next time take a look at your life and see what you are able to add to your workouts. If you are not doing anything at the moment then take 20 minutes out of your day and go for a walk, its a great place to start. Most importantly you owe it to yourself to keep your body in good working order. It’s your own personal temple.



  1. I remember all the bike rides we used to go on together when we were young – I loved riding in the old church parking lot when it used to have the double hills in the lower parking area 🙂 !!

  2. Way to go! That’s where we bought our last bike. I love that they do free tune ups.
    Keep on keeping on!!!

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