One Year & Beyond

On September 2, 2014 I started eating clean to do one thing, become healthier by losing weight. 1 day turned into 2 days. 1 week turned into 2 weeks. At about week 3 of eating clean I realized it became more than just eating clean as I started to get more clarity in my mind about how I had been thinking and acting in life. So becoming healthier turned into a whole new way of life. It was also at this time a friend and I were talking about this very thing, if I was making the changes I will need to make the mental changes too. I got out of our discussion it’s not just about eating clean but about changing the mind and the way I think about myself!

Why did I put on the weight in the first place? Why had I not been able to lose weight before when trying? I needed to work on the way I think or 2 – 3 months down the line I would be back where I was before starting. This time around I was determine to follow through by getting my life back! I wanted to ‘choose life’ and live a life were I wasn’t thinking if I would be able to live another month or year! People love me so I need to love myself too! I am a child of God and he loves me! I needed to make a change in my life style before it was too late! I knew there is no ‘miracle drug’ to lose weight and if I wanted something to happen I had to make the effort to make this change happen. God wasn’t just going to ‘change me’ I had to do my part too and by doing my part God would do his part. We’ve been giving these incredible bodies, which if we nourish correctly and workout will be strong and fit bodies.

By learning and realizing I need to do more than just eating clean I also added clearing the mind to my list. Before too long the months turned into a year. Looking back at this last year I see I’ve truly accomplished a lot. Over the last few weeks, all the changes I’ve made in my life and changing my physical appearance are finally sinking in. I am breaking out of the cocoon I built around myself these last couple of decades and I am emerging as this person am meant to be in life. I am really doing this, I am getting my life back and much more! I am creating a whole new arena with endless possibilities for what I want to get out of life.

The saying is really true – whatever you put your heart and mind to will and can be accomplished!

Till next time I post (in the next couple of weeks) take a look at how you’re living your life. What are you missing? Are you enjoying life? Are you living the life you want to be living? What can you do to make life all you want it to be? Remember ‘Anything is Possible’ so make life what you want it be. Before reaching a goal make a new goal which will push you even further when you reach the original goal. Always push yourself further to accomplish the unthinkable!

  1. I have enjoyed reading all your personal reflections. They are inspiring.

    I also liked the questions you listed at the end. Our mind and body truly are united – working on both those aspects at the same time is a grand key of knowledge. I have been pondering that very thing lately. Instead of just looking at goals, though, I have been looking at my overall purpose in life and striving to stay true to that.


  2. Thank you for your posts. I am in a dark place right now (hopefully this is rock bottom). I used to dream of a life I had and life I could have again but the 150 extra pounds I lug around now are making it hard to see the forest through the trees. Please keep inspiring and I will keep reading. Thanks again for taking the time to share your journey.

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