Reaching and Obtaining a Goal

This month week I reached a goal – I should say it’s not ‘a’ goal but a pretty big goal. I now officially lost just over 100 lbs. since I was at my heaviest just over 2 years ago. Since starting eating clean I am now almost 80 lbs. lighter. I am feeling much better now – mentally, physically and spiritually.

microsoft band

I continue to walk three times a week and am going to the gym 3 times a week. This last month I purchased a Microsoft Band so I can start keeping track of what I do throughout the day. A month after starting eating clean I wanted to get something and looked at many different devices. So after doing a lot of research I ended up getting the Microsoft Band since Microsoft came out with a huge updated for their device. This tracks steps, 24 hour heart rate, walking/running (with built in GPS), sleep, calorie tracking, guided workouts, plus a few more things.

One of my younger sisters ended up getting a Striiv Smart Pedometer to track her steps. A couple of Saturday’s ago we I challenged her to see who could get the most steps in for the day. I ended being the one with the least amount of steps by the time specified. So I will need to write a full page paper on “How to Improve on Taking More Steps Throughout the Day”. Once I finish writing this I will post it.
stepchallengeSince getting the Microsoft Band I’ve been much more active and strive for reaching my step and calorie goals daily.

This last month I also purchased new clothes. It was time to get a couple of new shirts as my old ones are looking huge on me as well as with new pants. I’m already needing another pair of pants, but at least they fit better than my old ones.

I’ve was ask “How to I subscribe to your blog” as I’ve been sharing with many other people. So now at the bottom of the site you can now subscribe to get emails when I add a new post.

Pictured here is me 75 lbs. lighter. I can definitely feel and noticed the difference.

Till next time challenge yourself to go do something fun. Be sure to do things in life that takes you away from the ‘normal daily routine’ so you are able to refresh your mind – make life more interesting…

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