The Beginning Begins Now

I told myself this week I would do better at keeping up with my journey online by writing at least once a week or if something big happens I would share it with others. I am staying true to my word.

We humans all experience things in life that we want to block out of our mind, well it would be safe to say that about 98% of us humans do. The thing is, even though we ourselves cannot remember the event our subconscious mind does. Why is it that one is so scared to talk in public? Why is someone so terrified of spiders, dogs, etc.? The list can go on and on. As a very young new born child we had no fears. As we live life things would happen and we would start learning. We learned if we touched fire or something that was used to cook food it would be hot and it would bite us (hurt ourselves) so we learned to stay away things which were hot. We developed a ‘fear’ of touching things that were hot. Can you remember the very first time you touched something that burned you? Most of us cannot remember as we may have blocked it out because it may have been so painful – but our subconscious mind knows.

If we only knew and understood how powerful our minds really were we would all be unstoppable. Whatever you think of, you can do! So why is it we become so fearful when we try to do something so simple? Or see something that terrifies us but to another person they don’t even blink? There could be many different reasons why. As a child you heard someone speaking about something so you grew to be fearful without realizing it. You experienced an event that made you fearful and would never want to do such a thing again, but to this day you are unable to remember the very first event. Sure you experienced other events you can remember which ‘confirm’ your earlier childhood reasoning. All these ideas, fears, phobias are all valid.

I write about this as I had a break-thru yesterday. I don’t know what happened as I am not able to remember the event but I do know something happened when I was very young and by knowing this I am able to now move forward and face some (if not all) of my ‘fears’ in life. I am not going to expound on this as it is personal for me. I will say that getting this insight is an eye opener and it will not change who I am – it will only improve who I am as a human being, a son of God, your son, your brother, your friend, your acquaintance.

By my mind being opened to this – things are already happening in my life. One thing is, I’ve been a subscriber to a large company to get TV services, yesterday some of the receivers were ordered obsolete. I told myself when this happens I will call in and stop my services (I had one good receiver which still works) even though I’ve been a subscriber for now over 16 years. Upon calling them up to stop/quit the service I was told they would reduce my bill by $30, I of course told them no, let’s continue with cancelling the service. After all was said and almost done the person helping me told me that this call is of course monitored and he has been told that since I’ve been with them for 16 year and never had a late payment they would take $50 off my bill for the next year (more than half off the normal price, reducing the price to be $30 per month) plus¬†include all the premium channels for the next year. I already told myself I would quit the service so I told them, “Even though how enticing this offer sounds, I will still decline, so let us continue stopping the service, thanks!” Today I feel really good about this decision as I am sure I will feel a week or month from now.

Our Heavenly Father is always watching out for us in all we do. I will never stop saying this, “all things happen for a reason.” We all have our trials in life. We all can learn from this ‘life’s experience’ if we choose to embrace and endure what is brought into our lives. We are not alone on this earth. We all have each other. We are also not alone in this universe, we have Heavenly Father and all those who lived before us and who will still come to earth, the living earth!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who believes in me and in what I am doing, walking on a path, going on a journey, to a healthier life. This minute and every minute you say is, “The Beginning Begins Now!”

Till next time, write down those things you’ve been putting off because of your fears. Work towards overcoming them, ‘the beginning beings now!’

Love you all!

Note: The picture on this post was taken when I was up in Big Bear, CA.
  1. I am encouraged and motivated to better my own life as I see how far you are coming. Your insight and courage to delve into you past seems to be enlightening your desire to improve as you move forward with a healthier lifestyle both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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