The Day Before the Weekend

I will be strong today! I will also tell myself, “I Don’t Eat That!” if there are any sweets, junk food, donuts, brownies, etc. at the place of business today. I will be strong today!

One day at a time, one meal at a time as I start day 4. At work I’ve got my grapes, apples, almonds for stacks; my Evolution Fresh drinks for lunch and tons of water to drink. I am set. On some Friday’s (during the week I should add) people bring in the temptation foods. In the past I’ve gotten weak¬†and have taken a brownie, or I’ve dug into the chocolate pastries, because they taste so good (especially when they are homemade). So I am upping my will power and going to follow the article I found by saying “I Don’t Eat That!” to stick with my challenge for the month of September.

People around me do not need to change their ways because I decided to take a challenge to Eat Clean. It is I and only I that needs to be strong-willed. So I say, “Let the day begin! I am ready. Now, I know I am Ready!”

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