The Eighth Day – Creating a Great Masterpiece Daily

Tonight it is the eighth day of the second month. I kept and did my ‘The Body Reboot’ challenge but it was just one of those days that was just there. Nothing exciting to say or report. I really didn’t feel like walking tonight but I got out there and walked. Instead of doing 30 minutes of walking I did 25 minutes of walking and when added to the walk this morning I did go over 30 minutes. Lately I’ve been doing about 10 – 15 minutes of walking in the morning and 30 minutes of walking at night. As I said, it as one of those ‘off’ days.

One day at a time and tomorrow is a new day! I’ll set my mind that tomorrow will be a better day! I just hope I’m not falling ill with something. I sometimes feel this way when such things do happen. I’ll pray for the strength needed to move forward and in a better mindset. I’ll start that now!

Smile – “yes I am smiling now!”

Changing the Mindset and Creating a Great Masterpiece Daily

Breathe in and breath out! Breathe in and hold it, then breath out. As I said tomorrow is a new day – I start with a new blank canvas. Tomorrow I will create a new masterpiece! You know what, that reminds me of something I wrote a while back.

For one to be unique in life all they need do is trust in one’s self, which in turn they create the possibility of creating great masterpieces each and every day!” – MGW

So it is now settled. I now know how I am feeling at this moment and I will do everything in my power to create a better, wonderful day tomorrow. I will take my own advice by creating a great masterpiece! What do I mean by ‘masterpieces’ anyhow? Anything one does in life that they and only they are able to create do to their unique personality. Creating an environment of peacefulness, being able to listen to that one person that needed someone to talk to, being in other people’s lives and interacting with then, by just saying hello to a stranger and making them feel like someone cares for them. A masterpieces in Gods eye is everything and anything!

Yes, everyone has the ability to create even if you think it’s not in you to do so.

You are special! You are you! You are unique! Start trusting in yourself and see what will happen in life!

Till next time go ‘create a great masterpiece’ by being yourself, by trusting in yourself!

  1. What wonderful advice in a terrific post. We all have “just there” days. Good job walking. Love the photo. Is that Williamsburg, VA?

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