The Fifteenth Day

Today was a great day! Day 45! 15 days in for the month and 15 days left (half way there  and taking it one day at a time). Again, today was an awesome day, I ate clean, walked for 30 minutes and walked 1.50 miles (I walked a different route and took on a huge steep hill that went up 70 feet. So that is equals to climbing 7 stories! I did it! It was a great workout! Again today I could have done better with drinking water. I’ll make it a point to do better tomorrow. I did drink over 64 oz. of water but I feel my body needs more water. So over all it was a great day.

Note: The picture shown today is a picture overlooking West Los Angeles from Century City. The cross streets are Beverly Glen and Santa Monica Boulevard. I used Photoshop to make it look like a model set.
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