The Fifth Day – Sailing With a Purpose

The Fifth day of the second month into the challenge to become healthy.

Where do I begin this post? Let’s backup a few days ago, Friday of last week, this would be October 3, 2014. This day seemed to be a usual day – looking back at it now, this was by far a usual day. I started doing things that I had no idea I was doing. I’ve been putting my trust in God to help me become healthier and lose weight. I’ve slowly been building up the walking. I’ve been doing a good job at eating clean. Now when I look back and view my food diary I’ve noticed a small change over the past couple of weeks. Today was really clear while eating my salad at lunch. Surprisingly enough I am finding myself only eating good wholesome ‘unprocessed’ chicken less and less and only at lunch time. Mornings and dinners (supper) I been staying away from eating any kind of meets.

So today during lunch I had a chicken salad and I found myself, well, telling myself I need to eat the chicken for the needed protein – I really didn’t feel like eating it – in fact I didn’t finish eating all the chicken. This tells me two things. First, I am stopping myself from eating when I feel full. For the longest time I always felt like I had to finish everything on the plate or I am a terrible person for a number of reasons. Second, I am starting to reduce the intake of meats. I will only eat red meats once a week now, well it’s been two weeks and a few days since I’ve eating red meat. I’ve been eating mostly fish and a little of chicken. So like I said, I find this interesting.

Sailing With a Purpose

I continue to ‘sail’ forward on my current journey to a healthier life. Today’s picture I took while in Kauai on a sailboat. Coming back it got cloudy and there was 4 – 6 swells.

In today’s picture this person looks like they know what they want and they can see the end game. In order to get to the end game there are obstacles first to work your way through. They look confident on their journey! I too am happy to say I am very confident in my end game. I am envisioning and can see the outcome – the goal line. Just as on a sail boat there are others there to help each other out and by working together we can all reach those goals we’ve set out to achieve in life. I am learning I need to trust more in myself. I am letting go and I am trusting more in myself. Doing this the worlds becomes completely different – in a good way – as stated on Wednesday October 1, 2014, I found a new path and on this path I am feeling more confident each day I can and will bet this physically, mentally and spiritually. I ask you be part of my crew – let us help each other!

Till I write again do an act of kindness without them knowing you did anything. It can be anything – vacuuming the floor while they are gone, doing dishes, cleaning the fridge, washing their car… Get the picture?

  1. I love your sailing journey!

    I still wish I could eat fish … I just can’t get past the after taste 😉 !!

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