The Fire Burns Within

As I am continue with eating clean I’ve been preparing for the 5K walk coming up this Saturday, March 14, 2015. Along with eating clean I also get up early in the mornings and go walking for 30 plus minutes. I usually do about 1 – 2 miles but I wanted to walk the 5K (3.1 miles) before officially walking it the day of. I started doubting myself and that I could actually complete this goal I set out to 3milewalkdo months ago so I was determined I would walk it before the event. So it was on Tuesday I told myself when I get home tonight I would do it then. I got home from work, ate dinner, worked on a few projects and got ready to go walking at 10 PM. Just before leaving I drank lots of water, did some simple stretching of the legs and then set out on my pre 5k walk. I was so determined to walk this I forgot my cell phone to track what I’ve been walking so I walked back to my place, got my cell phone and started tracking my walk. An hour and 8 minutes later I had walked 3.17 miles. Up hills, down hills, here and there, all throughout my neighborhood I walked till I had reached my goal.

Determined to Reach My Goal

I still get temptations to eat sweets but I am now keeping my guard up. Yes I wish I could eat just one of those red vines I talked about before but I’ve been very good and again I am determined to lose the weight to become healthy for life. People still asked when I will allow myself to eat sweets, chocolate, dark chocolate, etc. I thought about it before and said, “I first need to reach my desire weight and then 1 year after maintaining this weight I would possibly consider eating dark chocolate or have a small slice of cake!” Now that I’ve thought more about it as I continue to learn more about foods and what foods can do to you I am now more then willing to give up such things and possible never eat sweets again. After working for so long to reach my desired weight (I believe I have just over a year to 1 year 6 months left) I do not want to start feeding my body with food that is so harmful. I find as time goes on the fire burning within me only gets stronger. As I stated before, yes the temptations are still there urging me to just take a little nibble, I only expect to myself that yes it would be nice but “I don’t eat that!”

I would like to thank all of you who are encouraging me and complimenting me on my accomplishments I’ve made the last 6 months. I will continue working hard at reaching my goal as I continue eating clean and exercising daily!159daysMGW

Till next time try to go 24 hours without eating sugar, chocolate, candy or junk food. If you want to go 7+ days I would then tell you to first go 24 hours without sugar. Then on day 2 – 4 use about half the sugar you normally consume (if you drink soda, drink only half the soda – this includes diet sodas too). Then on day 5 go another 24 hours. Then on day 6 – 7 choose one thing to eat that has sugar in it. Then day 8 through (you pick the days) continue avoiding things with sugar. If you need help please feel free to contact me.

  1. Michael you are such an inspiration and you can totally see your progress good job! I read one of your posts prior where you shared the original quote that inspired you. I found it and posted that on my fridge. I would like to do what you are doing. You gave really good advice today. What are some ideas of meals you eat for breakfast and lunch. That is what I struggle with. Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Sarah – I am glad my journey is inspiring others and thank you for your comment!

      In general I am eating oatmeal most morning and two eggs other mornings. For lunch I eat salads. The salads I mix up different ingredients it depends on what I am feeling like.

      Hope this gives you some ideas and if you need any encouragement or support please let me know.

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