The Fourteenth Day

Today was the 14th day of the second month of my eat clean and ‘The Body Reboot’ challenge and I am going strong!

Today I ate well and exercised, but I could have done better with the drinking water. I ended up going to go see my family to hang out with them and go see a movie. Two of my sister and my father went to the movies. We went and saw “Meet the Mormons!” It was a great movie, very inspiring film. By the time I got back home it as late and I went out for my walk, then got ready for bed, started on my post for then before I knew it I was so tired I thought I would just go rest a bit and then it was the next day… So it was a great day for me. I love my family!

Note: I started writing this post after my walk and settling down for the night. I wrote the first sentence then promptly fell asleep as I was so tired. So I will finish the report from yesterday now.
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