The Second Day – Anything Is Possible

The second day going into my new challenge ‘The Body Reboot’ I am happy to report that both the first and second day were a great success! I must admit that this really hasn’t felt like a challenge much yet! Why you ask? These are all things I want to be doing so I can lose the weight I need to lose to become healthy. These are the thing I want in life and I am getting the strength to accomplish my present goals.

I am eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with wholesome foods that are good for you, ‘eat clean’ foods with the snacks in between. I am drinking tons of water daily, love drink water now! Walking – what I can say about walking now, both days I was able to get over 30 minutes in. I must admit to this too – it is so much easier to walk then it was when I first started walking. Tonight I went 1.3 miles and last night about 1.2 miles (on top of walking in the mornings).

I did my mediation for both days. I really didn’t write in my journal, but I did take ‘note’ on how I was feeling. I also did my 20 minute workout each day too!

You Can Get Anything In Life

I am very glad I started this ‘eat clean’ challenge. I am glad I found the strength and desire to finally do something to become healthy once again. My biggest fear in starting this was failing and not making this a reality. I can honestly say through the help of others I’ve been able let go of this fear of not being to fulfill my goal.

If there is anything you want in life you just have to ask and it will be given to you. You will need to work for it, it will not just be given to you! You need to have the determination of wanting what you are asking for and then create the possibility and start doing things to get what you want out of life. You can do anything you want if you only put you mind, heart and soul into it!

Well I need to head to bed soon to get up early tomorrow for work.

Till you read the next post be good to yourself today – only uplift yourself and don’t look upon the negative thoughts.

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