The Seventh Day – Our Amazing Planet

We now come to the close of the seventh day of the second month for eating clean and doing ‘The Body Reboot’ Challenge. Today was a good day. I ate clean and did all my exercising, especially walking. Tonight for my walking time I walked for 35 minutes and went 1.43 miles. Walking is becoming easier day after day as I continue on. I will be strong and I will continue on! I will find the strength from Heavenly Father (God) daily as I pray to him for help with my goals. I know he lives and hears my prayers. He is there for all of us, we just need to seek and believe in him.

Our Amazing Planet

We live in such a beautiful world! So many beautiful places around us! Not only is the world we live in beautiful and wondrous, but our Universe is also amazing. Today’s picture “Crawling Across the Heavens” was taken this evening, right after I got off of work. I believe our Heavenly Father created this great universe we live in. Everything in the universe just ‘works’ in harmony especially the Sun, Earth and Moon. Did you know if the moon was not part of our world the earth would spin faster which will make the days shorter and therefor make it so the earth wouldn’t get the heat, sunlight and darkness (night) needed to produce food or even create the climate changes? By the moon being part of our world slows down the earth’s rotation. The distance from the Sun makes a perfect distance to get the temperatures needed to sustain life. I also believe that the heat we live through is also important for the earth is some form as is the cold weather. Again, I believe everything works in harmony and there are those times we as humans need to endure the utter cold or excessive heat as our host ‘the earth’ needs it to survive since everything on earth is a living thing!

How does this tie into eating clean “healthy” or exercise? In order for us to eat the wonderful fruit and vegetables we need them to grow but using the sunlight during the day and night so the plants are about to flower to produce the fruits we get. All things on this planet are working in unison for us humans to survive as we live on earth. The advantages for us is a wondrous world to be in, to go walking and admire all the trees, bushes, clouds, etc.

Till next time take time to stop running around and go to a park to sit and take in everything for at least 15 minutes. Clear you mind of all other thoughts and just be one with the earth as you are in the park admiring its ‘life’.

  1. Do you take all the pictures for you posts? This one? The sailing one? I love how each post has a picture to go along with it!

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