The Sixteenth Day – Friday Morning to Evening

The morning sun raises in the east, its rays now shining on the tops of the roofs brighten the day. Some of the sun’s rays find their way into my bedroom and gently urge me to wake up.

Laying there in bed awake I now ponder the dreams still fresh in my mind. As they start to fade away I become more aware of the day I have ahead of me, it’s Friday day 46 for my “The Body Reboot” challenge which involves eating clean, working out and walking. Still laying in bed my tummy starts to growl as it’s been many hours since I’ve eaten food, about 10 hours.

Now more awake I sit up and get out of bed, I stretch reaching high towards the sky “I can almost touch it today!” I think in my mind. I then get some water to drink to quench my thirst and then I kneel in prayer to give thanks for the night’s sleep and thank Heavenly Father (God) for all he has done for me among other things. I pray for my family and friends and that I will be able to grow this day from what challenges may arise. I then get up and today I am excited to make something new for breakfast – but first I need to go to the store to get that one ingredient I forgot to get last night from the store. I figure I’ll just have a few almonds this morning till I get to the store. I grad some almonds and eat them. I get dressed for my morning walk and head out.

Even with the sun shining the morning air is still crisp and cold. I breathe in cold crisp air and hold it in then breathe out. I stretch for about 3 minutes then head out for my morning walk. Upon returning home I then get ready for the day ahead of me. Once ready I now finally head to the store and get the last ingredient to make breakfast. Pancakes! Yes, I am making pancakes for breakfast this Friday morning. My niece sent me a lot of recipes for eating clean and this one only has 2 ingredients needed to make pancakes, they are made out of a banana (the ingredient I forgot to buy) and eggs (see recipe – Two Ingredients Pancakes). I make them and eat them – they do taste good and I was a bit surprised they did tasted good and only having two Pancakes they were very filling.

I then do my morning scripture studies, I then my daily meditation for 30 minutes (no I don’t fall asleep doing this – it’s very calm and relaxing – my entire body and mind are at a very relaxed state I am able to drift to and be there till the alarm sound chimes indicating 30 minutes have passed by). Now it’s time to check messages, emails and then head out into the world to play with others…

The day was a good day. I got lots of things done and even went out of my comfort zone by stepping up and doing something I would normally never do. So today was a great day.

This evening I got home from work late (8:45ish) and fix a quick dinner. I then do some of my course studies online. I then get ready and go for nightly walk. I head out then return home and get ready for bed. By this time I am drained from the day’s labors and activities. I lay in bed and think – “I forgot to write a post today!” I then get up and write a one line sentence and save it as a draft then get back into bed and fall asleep…

The next day.

I looked at what I wrote last night, deleted it and wrote what you now read. A Day With Me!

Note: The picture shown is taken in Big Bear, CA looking down the street I went walking down for one of my morning walks. The picture (take with my cell phone) was then transformed to look like an oil painting using Photoshop.
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