The Sixtieth Day

Today is day 60! I started my morning out walking for 31 minutes, it was a great walk and a great way for me to start the day off today.

I am writing this morning to make a commitment to myself – ‘I will not partake of anything that is not part of eat clean living! This includes No Candy!’

I will be strong and will take this day one minute at a time if I must!

It’s now evening and I am happy to say, “I did it!” I was around food and candy today but did not eat anything that would make me restart the count of days I’ve been eating clean. To tell you the truth, it was not hard at all. When you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything you want I am finding out.

I also had a great time this evening by helping a friend of mine family out at their house which was decorated for Halloween. The theme this year was “Camp Death Valley” and it was quite very impressive. I’ve include a video below.

I go now to rest this night to prepare myself for the days adventures that await for me tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on your journey so far! It is amazing and inspiring!

    I indulged in one single piece of Halloween candy the entire season … a fun-size Take 5 and I enjoyed it 🙂 !! I was just happy for the most part that the candy didn’t even entice me!

    Keep pressing forward!


    1. Thanks and glad you are finding this amazing and inspiring! Good job and even better on the candy not enticing you!

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