The Thirteenth Day

Today is the thirteenth day of the second month. Wow, going onto day 43! This has to be new personal record for me these last 15 years of starting something and really sticking to it. As I said before in other post I would think I make it three weeks so I can go and ‘reward’ myself by going to a fast food restaurant – not this time… I will re-frame from giving in and going back to what it was before. I move forward with a very strong determination to become healthy by eating healthy (clean), working out, drinking water, medication daily and many more things one can do live a wondrous life. Today I walked 1.35 miles in 30 minutes. I will continue on the path I am on and make it day 60, then day 90 and so on. I haven’t really said right out – I will continue doing this for the rest of my life. I am committed to it! I am doing it! I am living it!

Today was a great day overall with everything that is going on in my life. I thank Heavenly Father (God) daily for all that he has blessed me with, especially my family and friends.

I go now to go to sleep for the night. Till I write again pick up the phone or go see a family member you haven’t spoken to for a while! Take the time to visit and while visiting or talking with them be with them. You are there to listen to them to hear what they need to say. In other words, reach out to your family members…

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