The Twenty Forth & Twenty Fifth Days

It is now day 55, Sunday evening  so I need to write about Saturday and Sunday. Both days went very well and both days ended up being busy. Saturday was busy with work and errands. Sunday with church things and meetings. The most important things about these two days were I was able to eat clean, do my mediation, walk and workout on Saturday! Tomorrow brings us to Monday which will be day 56!

Even with a buys life style I find the time to make things work for me. When I went to the Sushi restaurant I like going to (sushi with no rice or with tons of sauces) afterwards I had to say, “I don’t eat that” when they tried to give me some ice cream after eating – I told them I am not eating such things. To they gave it to another customer.

I am so glad where I am today – had this been another time I would have hated to turn people down when they give me things – so I am grateful I am now able to speak out and say something instead of dancing around the issue or worse yet, eat something I don’t want to eat to just to make them happy!

Till next time be strong! Pray for help always, Heavenly Father (God) is listening!

    1. I am very happy by writing on the blog I am helping you to stay focused! You are doing a great job too! Keep it up!

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