The Twenty Ninth Day

Today is day 59, the twenty ninth day of the second month. Today was a roller coaster day! I was happy and great for most of the day then those self-doubts crept their way into my mind tonight. I thought about calling someone but it’s late, past 11 PM! I think it was because I am just tired and had a very long day! Whatever it is I am still writing this blog this evening. I find writing to be comforting and as I write now I am already starting to feel much better!

I completed the day by eating clean, working out, walking this morning and meditating for 30 minutes. The day was a steady work day. I got the projects done I needed to get done for people. So, during the day was a good day!

As I said I am quite very tired! I do feel a bit better writing this evening so I will not go and attempt to go to sleep!

Here is something I wrote awhile back:

“As a thief in the night the man with the sand bag creeps up behind me and without warning my eyes close – then the dreams begin of far off lands and wondrous places where adventures can only be found – deep within the mind, the wondrous mind…” – MGW

Till next time I write think back to the time you were just a kid, not remember the adventures you once dreamed of as a kid – write them down in your journal for your future family members to read!

Have a great day too!

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