The Twenty Second & Twenty Third Days

Thursday day 52: The day at work was much better but it was after work when all the fun began! I am quite very busy with projects I am working on for others. I was able to get my walking in and I was able to eat clean along with keeping up with my meditation in the morning and working out. I was unable to find the time to write on the post! So the day went well I would say other then not writing about it on that day!

I am now caught up with the posts as today is day 53 and I now able to write something – today is the twenty third day of the second month. The day has gone well. I got up early and went walking for 15 minutes, then I got ready to go to a meeting before work but ended up needing to take care of some other important other work issues for clients which I was able to get done. I again stuck with my ‘eating clean’ throughout the day and was able to get my medication in, workouts in and walking in this evening. (I even had time to write a post…)

I would have to say today was a good day – it wasn’t the ‘best day’ but just a ‘good’ day. While working at work it dawned on me that today is already Friday – That is how the week has been going for me, busy and not quite a blur, but close.

The Beginning of the Sweets

Now comes the time of year where shear will power to continue on my journey by eating clean and continuing my ‘The Body Reboot’ challenge will really need to kick into high gear as the ‘Halloween’ parties start up and all the ‘wonder’ sweets start to make their way around into the lives of many people. I pledge to myself I will be ‘strong’, I will NOT be ‘weak’ and I will make it day 90 on Dec 1 without any kind of re-laps. Yes, you read that correctly, not day 60 but day 90 – I plan on going further still – There are only 8 days left till the month is up and plan on moving forward still with eating clean, exercising, meditating and working out. I am determined to become healthy and physically fit once again!

I will be strong with these upcoming holiday seasons! I will stick with what I’ve been doing these last few months.

As I come to day 60 soon, I will yet make a new challenge as I go through days 61 – 90, I am still planning out what I will be ‘adding’ to the plan I’ve been doing thus far and will then let you all know what I plan on doing.

Thank you to all how reach out to me and talk to me as this week has been quite busy and I’ve not been able to write as much as I would like. Yes I am still doing well going – I feel like I am not as strong as I should be due to the fact I’ve missed writing a few days this last week! I need to remember there are only so many hours in the day that one can do things and we need to prioritize those things that are more important the others. Again, thank you!

Now I go till I write again – be strong with all the ‘candy’ around and eat something healthy instead. Instead of giving candy out these year challenge yourself to give out something ‘good’ got those how are out trick or treating! Do remember that they are ‘TRICK’ or treating so maybe give then a ‘trick’ instead of a treat!

  1. Michael,
    You are doing amazingly well!!! I’m so proud of your strong attitude and actions. Keep it up you’ll be so happy you did. Don’t give in to the Halloween “tricks” it won’t be worth it and it will make you sick. Once the body is cleansed of the deadly sugar taste it will be like feeding it poison.
    I’m cheering you on and trying hard to take my own advise especially during this next two months. C.A.

    1. Christy,
      Thanks for the encouragement and I am planing on staying far away from all the candy and things these coming days, weeks, months! I have no desire to give in but a desire to keep moving forward on the path I am currently on! Again, thank you!

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