Day Seven – Can This be True?

Onward and forward I go into day 7! I personally cannot believe it’s now been 7 days into the ‘eat clean’ challenge – but I can tell you it is true for the following reasons:

  • I am feeling much better than I did when I first started – both mentally and physically
  • I am really putting myself out there – more so then before…

What else can I say?

Traps and Our Worst Enemy ‘Ourselves’

As I go down the path of day 7 I’ll see what challenges await me – as said before, “I will be strong! I don’t eat that! I will pray for help and welcome the advice/help! I will ask for help when needed!” I know I cannot let my guard down even for a minute even though this last week may have seem easy going by doing what I said I would do. This is where the traps are placed and triggered! So instead of thinking that this is going to be easier than I expected I really need to turn the notch up so I don’t fall into those small little traps placed in front of me and charge right over them. These little traps can be anything – someone making a comment or talking about you which makes you feel good/bad/sad, seeing an ad, driving by a store! Anything can be a trap!

One of the biggest traps is ‘ourselves’! We have this little voice in our head that tells us things, be it good or bad! We need to learn to weed through junk and filter the good positive thoughts out that will empower us. What little voice do you ask? Ah, that one that told you there was no little voice! We can do the most harm to ourselves not even realizing we are doing so. Communication is one of the best ways to work things out. We as humans have a mind that loves to think and think it does. We are able to produce thoughts and feels. For example if someone didn’t get back to you – our mind can then go through hundreds of thoughts, play tricks on us and producing feelings such as:

  • Okay they got busy or something came up for them, I’ll be sure to call them later if they don’t call first! – excepting 
  • How rude of them, they could at least call! – annoyed 
  • They didn’t show so they must not like me! – doubt
  • ‘Something must be wrong with me’ or ‘they don’t like me’! – self-pity or self-abuse

As said by Vincent van Gogh “If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” We are our own worst enemy! Be causes and alert to what you tell yourself. Communicate with people to really find out what happened instead of your mind telling you want you want or don’t want to hear. Become aware of what you tell yourself! Write your feelings down! Be sure to complement yourself and be good to yourself daily! We are either a daughter of God or a son of God and he loves us dearly – we are no different than anyone else in his eyes.

I am strengthening my willpower, producing positive thoughts about myself and moving forward! I will complete this challenge for this month! I will continue to be on the look out and do what I said I will do!

Till I write again – be good to yourself – treat yourself with kindness – LOVE yourself!

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