Getting So Much More Than Expected

Some of you are asking, “How do you feel now you’ve been eating clean for over 100 days?” or “What is it you are getting out of doing this?” so I will try to answer as best I am able to.

To start off, back when I started out on this journey I was only thinking about losing weight to become healthier. I had reached that point in my life where I knew if I didn’t start doing something NOW I would or may never start. Not so much hitting rock bottom but coming to a realization that yes, I wont to live my life not being restricted from activities I know I cannot do being overweight. Plus, the events from the past 2 years had strengthened my mind and will to move forward. The mind is a very power thing – it take time for one to heal and change the direction the way one thinks.

So let’s take a look behind the curtain to see all the benefits I did not expect when starting out on this journey. Well to know the benefits I am experiencing you will need to know where I am coming from first. So I am going to be completely honest in what I say. These are things I’ve never told or shared with anyone, so what better way to get these out in the open the by talking about them.

The Struggle

There was a time, just over two years ago, when I lost all hope about losing weight and come to a conclusion within my mind that Heavenly Father (God) would not let me die till I was finished doing what I need to do here on this earth. In reality I was giving up trying to lose weight and whatever happens will happen. For me, being overweight took a huge toll on my body, mind and spirit. One of the few things keeping me from going into a really dark place within my mind and completely shutting down was the love of my family. I knew and know they care deeply for me no matter the way I am! Another thing was reading the scriptures, praying and attending church.  It was at this point in my life I gave up trying or putting effort into making something happen and ‘thought’ I put my life in God’s hands to do what needed to be done. If I lived another month or year it would be God’s will.

Heavenly Father had been reaching out to me, but I didn’t see or recognize this at first as my mind was in a different place. There was a friend who really cared started talking to me about my weight in a very polite way. At this time in my mind I was only able to think about, God will let me live as long as I am needed here in this world. By them talking to me had an effect on me and the way I was eating. It was a small effect but still it was an effect on the way I was eating not so much the way I was thinking. Over time I got back into the state of mind I was in once before but it was at this time I started eating even more and not more healthy food but from fast food restaurants plus junk food along with candy.

At this time in my life I didn’t know any better that I was eating way to much and I was eating to avoid my feelings of what I could really have out of life. I did not get smaller but started getting bigger. Again Heavenly Father reached out to me through another friend who was much more blunt this time. I now know Heavenly Father knew he needed to get to me and get my eyes to open so he had someone make a movie for those of us struggling with being overweight, to show us Yes it is possible to lose the weight and get your life back. This friend shared with me a video (movie) “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” and what they said really open my eyes to what was happening. While watching this movie a lot things hit me directly to what I was going through! It was then and there I make the decision to make a change and start eating healthier.

It was at this time I would start a blog site to track my results and share with the world what I was doing. The blog and sharing never really happened. Deep in my mind I knew I would fail and would be a disappointment to all those following. I did create the blog site but never wrote a post. Being in this mindset of eating better by juicing lasted about 4 weeks! I was not eating fast food and I was juicing for lunch which resulted in losing weight, but I had the fear that it would not work. So after 4 weeks I thought I would reward myself for being so good and go get food from a fast food restaurant. Big mistake! I did not go back to way I was eating fast food as before but I would go once a week, then twice a week, then three times a week. I was only going once a day rather than going 2 – 4 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snack). This went on for next 9 months.

Seeing The Light

It was a day before September 2014 where I saw online a post on a social media site “Eat Clean for the Month of September!” I don’t know why but that jumped out at me hit, I mean, it jumped out and really hit he! I told myself I would do this for the month of September and see where things go after that. I then at that point made the decision I would finally start my blog and really work hard at it, put effort into it.

It was the right time for me. I was now in the state if mind that I can do this, become healthier, I knew it was possible. Little did I know at the time over the past couple of years Heavenly Father had been helping me, by healing my mind and the way I was thinking about myself and how I can accomplish things if I only put my ‘mind’ to it. I made the commitment to myself I would start this September 2, 2014 (the day after Labor Day). The next day, September 2, 2014 I posted it on the social media site! I then revamped the blog site I never really started then wrote my first blog. I shared it and made it true living reality. I didn’t care anymore if I failed, I just wanted to start and see where things went from there.

More Than Expected

So now I finally get to “Getting So Much More Than Expected!” As stated before, I thought I was in this to become healthier. I am getting healthier as I continue on this journey. The bonuses I am getting are:

  • Clearer frame of mind
  • Viewing life in a new way
  • Taking responsibility of my past actions and making mends to myself and others
  • Enjoying gatherings more than ever – family, church, groups, etc.
  • Reading and understanding the Holy Scriptures more
  • Understanding more about life and how the mind works
  • Knowing I can make a difference

These are not all of bonuses as others are still coming to light as the days and weeks move on. There are things I did not touch on or say but plan on talking about later down the road as I continue to move forward. Today I am at day 141 for eating clean! As of today I am 54 lbs. lighter than September 2, 2014.

I know that Heavenly Father loves us all, he is watching out for us, he wants us to experience life and to really live life. I know all things happen for a reason, though we do not know why at the time we go through them but we know we learn from them. Heavenly Father has also sent Prophets to this earth from the times of old and continues to send us living Prophets today. We need to listen to their teachings and open our minds to what they are saying. They are teaching us the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ all things are possible. He knows what we’ve been through, what we are currently going through what we will go through. We Are Not Alone! I know Jesus Christ lives and he loves us! He died for us so we can one day return to our Heavenly Father and Mother. 

I encourage you to write down a goal and not an easy one to obtain. Make the goal a reality, share it with others. Make it known to the universe. Then do what I’ve learned, do something about it! Only you can make it happen and by your faith in God and making smaller goals to achieve the larger goal you are after it will come to pass. Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen! Grab hold now yourself and make it happen!

I love you all and want the best for you all too, who ever you may be in my life.

  1. Thank you for sharing more of your story and for being such an inspiration to me and others. I have seen a deep change in you – keep up the great work one day at a time!

  2. WOW! Double wow. Beautiful post. You are doing awesome and really help me keep going on my special journey I am on {{{hugs}}}

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