Into the Weekend Part II – Day Five

Yes, I did it! I made it through the day fulfilling my ‘eat clean’ challenge. Was there a temptation to go get and eat junk food or fast food? Yes on then junk food and no to fast food! While sitting and watching the UCLA vs Memphis College Football game I found myself thinking of munching on sweets and junk food – I quickly turned that into munching on almonds and drinking water! So I am proud of myself for sticking with it the entire day! So I can proudly say, “Day 5 is going into the records as a success day!”

I also got my exercise in and walked for 25 minutes this even. I had to push myself to go walking as I was getting tired and still had a few things left to do before day was over – but I stuck with it and got all my other tasks done for the day.

Drinking water was much easier to do since installing the WaterLogger app on my cell phone. I even went pasts the recommended amount of water one needs to drink!

So today was a bit challenging as I found myself with free time, but I was able to overcome those old habits. Tomorrow will be Sunday and I will have much more time on my hands so we will see how Sunday goes!

Pictured is Dana Point Harbor from Cannons Seafood Grill‘s upper room.
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